Activities, Tours, Things to Do at Tenorio Lodge
In this marvellous area of Bijagua, we have a variety of activities for all tastes, ages, and physical conditions.
Come to enjoy Rio Celeste in the Volcan Tenorio National Park, birdwatching in Caño Negro or Palo Verde National Park, a horseback ride, a hike or mountain bike trip to explore the valley of Bijagua with incredible views over Miravalles, Tenorio volcanoes and even the Lake Nicaragua, enjoy a freshly caught tilapia, or melt you in the tropical rain forest, this, may be a part of the program of your stay here with us.
We will be delighted to realise this program for you, and help you to discover these treasures still unknown in Costa Rica.
RIO CELESTE : At only 10 Miles away from Tenorio Lodge, in the Tenorio Volcano National Park, begins the trail through the forest. After 750 yards fall of steep steps in the hillside, you will reach the famous falls of the Celeste River.
This fast-flowing stream seems to tear the green hill before to fall 65 feet lower into a basin of such a sky-blue colour that will bring out the most spontaneous expressions of wonder.
The walk continues upstream, where there are zones with boiling-water springs that smell of sulphur. Further up, in another volcanic activity zone, numerous columns of bubbles rise from the depths of calm waters to burst in the surface.
The legend goes that the River owes its name to the fact that God, after painting the skies, cleaned his brushes in these waters.
But when you reach a place by the name of “Los Teñideros”, your guide will explain that this is the result of the chemical reaction generated by the union of the minerals present in the volcanic massif (brass and sulphur sulphates among others).
TUBING ON THE RIO CELESTE RIVER : One of the most beautiful rivers in the world can be enjoyed on a tube while we are taking down the river by the stream, is a mix between the beauty of the river and the adrenaline of the rapids while we are going down the river and surrounded by a beautiful tropical forest and with the best water temperature for practicing this activity. Class I and II.
HORSEBACK RIDING : Departure from the hotel the morning or in the afternoon for a two hours and half horseback riding on the side of the Tenorio volcano. You will discover with your guide beautiful landscape and view to the Miravalles volcano. You´ll pass through fileds of pasture and primary forest. You can see many birds and heart the hurler monkeys.
CANO NEGRO : At 90 minutes away from the Tenorio Lodge, around spectacular views, you will discover the amazing National Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge (24,623 acres) (pronounce cagno).
You will navigate the lagoon and the “Río Frío” aboard Don Lolo’s boat; your guide. He will show you the site’s treasures.
The list of birds, reptiles, or mammals would be too long for this space, but you will bring from there an unforgettable souvenirs and Mega bites of pictures.
CELESTE RIVER AND CAñO BLANCO KAYAK SAFARI : Two of the most beautiful wetlands throughout the Northland of Costa Rica, come together in this paradisiacal place of exceptional beauty, we paddle along the Blue River to observe several species of animals such as spider monkeys, white-face monkey, howler monkeys, iguanas and Caiman, but also visit Caño blanco freshwater mangroves, unique in the area and a place with an impressive scenic beauty; time passes while we observe birds on the flooded forest and discover gaps and sites which appear unexplored.
PALO VERDE NATIONAL PARK : At one hour and fifteen minutes from Tenorio Lodge, the 32.250,00 acres of Palo Verde National Park is home to 15 distinct habitats, from the mangrove to the bush and tropical dry forest. Many bird lovers come here, known for its extraordinary bird life. Located at the mouth of the River Tempisque, the park owes its name to palo verde, a tree bark green. Its dry and wet ecosystems host clouds of waterfowl, but also crocodiles and mammals easily spotted in the sparse vegetation. This aquatic haven attracts over 300 species of neotropical birds. Many trails allow visitors to discover this amazing national park a few attended.
THE HANGING BRIDGES OF LAS HELICONIAS : This hike with an experienced guide, will lead you for two hours in the pre-mountainous cloud forest (2,600-3,000 ft. above see level). You will walk on three hanging bridges and will discover amazing views from the height of the canopy- A real bath of peace and a gift for the eyes. At only a short distance from the Tenorio Lodge, on the slopes of the Tenorio Volcano you will discover the Tapir Tree (Jicaro Danto) an endemic species of the zone. At the end of your trip, a typical lunch awaits for you at the restaurant where you will enjoy a panoramic view of the town, the Miravalles volcano, and the Lake of Nicaragua.
FLOATING RIO COROBICI : Half an hour from Tenorio Lodge, enjoy an excellent and safe floating trip on the Corobicí River or on the Tenorio River. You will have the opportunity of seeing birds and animals such as: monkeys, iguanas, crocodiles, night herons, storks, martin fishers, bats and much more.
RAFTING RIO TENORIO : On the road to Tenorio Lodge, and if you are ready for a great adventure, this will undoubtedly be the ideal option. Located in the Heart of the Province of Guanacaste, the Tenorio River will try your talents for adventure with its incredible rapids. For those already initiated in the world of rafting, this trip is a must. Its continuous challenges await you while you navigate in the intensity of the waters, with turns, spins, and falls (3 meters - class V).
COFEE TOUR "EL PILON" : Don Juan is the owner of this small artisan and organic coffee plantation "El Pilón", located near the entrance of the Tenorio Volcano National Park. This cultural experience will allow you to discover all the stages of coffee production, starting with the cultivation of coffee beans until we find it in our cups. You will enjoy a pure moment of coexistence and exchange with Don Juan and his family around a cup of freshly ground coffee home made.
CHOCOLATE TOUR : Welcome to the sweetest experience of your life! Located on the slopes of the Tenorio Volcano, Don Gerardo's farm and the Tree Chocolate tour is the final destination for cocoa and chocolate lovers. An exclusive tour is offered in this chocolate factory. You will see every step of the process of producing chocolate, from trees to bar. You can also taste this delicious and exclusive 100% organic and sustainable chocolate. Without a doubt you will enjoy a unique experience and much more!
BIRDWATCHING : For this early morning tour, accompanied by a bilingual naturalist guide, you will have the opportunity to see and observe a very large number of birds out of the 230 species that have been recorded to date on the property of Tenorio Lodge; Hummingbird, Toucans, Aracaris, Tanagers, Honeycreepers, Parrots, Motmot, Woodpecker, Herons and many other birds, depending on the season can be spotted. The region of the Tenorio volcano counts to date more than 420 species of birds including the Tody Motmot (hylomanes momotula) or Rufous-vented Ground-Cukoo (neomorphus geoffroyi).

In this peaceful environment, along our trails, you will observe hundreds of birds.

For more information, check our Birdwatching list.
NIGHT TOUR : Experience a night tour in the twilight of the tropical forest of the private reserve of Tenorio Lodge. Accompanied by an experienced guide, you will discover the treasures of nightlife and could see frogs, snakes and insects with a new perspective. This excursion is the best way to observe and appreciate the sounds of the environment, from sunset to total darkness. An unforgettable experience in the heart of the night world!
IN BIJAGUA, YOU CAN ALSO : Fish and eat the tilapia at the « Finca El Ángel ».
Admire the « Ceibo » (Pseudobombax septenatum) at Picarita’s Farm. This giant is 600-years old.
In this peaceful environment, along our trails, you will observe hundreds of birds.

View the list of the birds seen in the property of the hotel.
Many trails around Bijagua, make this village an ideal place to practice Mountain Bike. Several races are held during the year.
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